Plan B Activate

Dipriya articulates a practical view that things won’t turn up the way you want it to be. In case Plan A doesn’t work we should have a Plan B ready so that we don’t hit a deadlock.

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Making That BIG Decision!

Rea articulates her thoughts on taking career decisions

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Sound behavior

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making come in a troika: 1. Rational Model 2. Innovative or Creative Model and 3. Relational Model Whereas…

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Learning & Expectation

Yuvaraj from Coimbatore captures the motions and emotions associated in the students journey from learning to expectations..

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Steps To Making Career Choices

Donald shares his thoughts on steps to making career planning and choices..

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The C in Career Planning

Sanskriti’s thoughtful take on career planning..

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Which Race To Embrace!

Nikunj from ….. articulates an interesting perspective about which race to embrace!

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Social Sciences Not a Taboo!

Revathy drives home a point about careers in social sciences

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Plan Wise – Skyrocket Your Career

Inthiyaz articulates that a good career plan should have all the aspects ranging from orientation, interests,emotional and logical reasoning.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Try!

Sandeep urges youth to not be afraid to try and be open to the world of career opportunities matching your strengths..

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Importance of Career Planning

Bhargava mulls about the importance of career planning in this informative blog article.

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Prestige Issues!

Maryam insists that every person loves something intensely and the upcoming generation must be fully aware of their skills and must take extra pains to attain mastery in their interested area.

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Passion As Career

Kaveri has a short yet sharp view on passion as a career..

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Key To Reach Your Dreams

Vijetha articulates an interesting view points on fulfilling dreams..

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The Happy Success Way

Devashrita shows a way to happy success.

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Don’t Judge, Just Inspire!

Jui articulates a simple point of why students shouldn’t be judged by grades but inspired to unlock their true potential..

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1 Mind, 2 Topics, 4 Essays!

Suranjana, a student unleashes her mind to pen out four essays on two hot student topics!

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Mug Up Or Dug Up ?

Diksha articulates the success implications of mug-up versus dug-up strategy..

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Two NO’s you must kNOw!

Khushi from New Delhi shares two important NO’s you must know!

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Skilling – The New Cool!

Subhashini from Mumbai articulates that Skilling is the new cool and why!

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Nothing is impossible ?

Shambhavi, a student from Ramjas Colleges makes you ponder on nothing is impossible..

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Why Waste Energy!

Shweta, a commerce student articulates an interesting connect between students pursuits and wasting energy..

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Transform Mediocrity To Melody!

Samriddhi eloquently articulates her views of transforming learning from mediocrity into melody!

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Sow Grades, Wow Life – A Myth!

Saadia from Hyderabad articulates a myth or two about sowing grades for a wowing life!

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Grades – Just One Dimension

Ashwat from Gurugram, shares his views on grades being just one dimension of a student’s potential..

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Life In Ten Minutes

Christina shares two interesting lessons of life in ten minutes!

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A Student’s Perspective On Skilling

Yogesh, an engineering student from Ajmer shares his perspective on skilling..

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Reinventing Hobbies As Subjects!

Gail from Mumbai shares her views on reinventing hobbies as subjects in schools and colleges

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Grades – A Problematic Obsession!

Amitoj from New Delhi articulates his views on why grades has become a problematic obsession..

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Hobby – An Interesting Subject!

Ahelee from Kolkatta has an interesting take on hobbies as subjects. Check it out!

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Imperfect Grades, Crushed Dreams!

Richa from Kalyan shares her views on why grades are an imperfect measure that can lead to dreams of students being crushed..

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Ocean Of Opportunities!

Isha from Mumbai narrates an interesting ocean of opportunities for students!

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Grades | Hobbies | Students | Life

An interesting articulation by Rishika from Mumbai on individuality strengths and the potential of hobbies..

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Success Recipe – Fast Track World!

Nitika from Calcutta methodically articulates a success recipe for students in a fast changing world..

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Grades | Strengths | Hobbies !

Ritika from New Delhi beautifully articulates on topics that students and parents will find interesting to read.

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Skills | Judgement | Decisions

Danush from Bangalore courageously shares a personal experience on how he realized the importance of skills..

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Cat Amidst The Rat Race!

Shristy from Bhagpat in Uttar Pradesh opines on being a cat amidst the rat race!

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Education & Skilling Rheally!

Rhea – a student from Calcutta relaying views on education and skilling..Rheally!

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The Modern Skillful Kalidasa!

Pankaj – a humanities student from Varanasi shares his views on the importance of 21st Century Skilling!

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Hobbies ? Grades ? You !

Aditi – a humanities students from New Delhi provides her interesting take on hobbies and grades..

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Skills Maketh A Man!

Sakshi, a BMM student at Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Art, Science and Commerce in Mumbai narrates why she feels “Skills Maketh a Man”..

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Student’s Survival Kit For Disruptions!

Bakulesh from L. R. Tiwari Engineering College, Mira Road shares his guidance for peer students on the survival kit in the age of disruptions..

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Skills Role For Income And Survival

Khusvenderr, from Swami Shraddhanand College from Alipur, Delhi shares his perspectives on role of skills..

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Build Plan B For 21st Century Skills!

A path-breaking educator and thought leader wants you to build a Plan B for 21st century skills with grit, persistence and perseverance.

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Be Skilled For This Century

Aishwarya – a student from Hyderabad draws your attention to getting skilled for this century..

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Career Is A Bird With Wings!

Ria from New Delhi narrates why Career is a bird with wings..

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Disillusionment To Delight

Alankrita, a Psychology student powerfully articulates a must read for every student and parent!

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Be what you love!

Diksha Kabra from Amity University, Kolkatta believes in being what you love to be! Read on to know more and how..

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Career Navigation

Views of a student from Bengaluru about career navigation

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Education, Morality, Progress

Dhanraj….articulates on education, morality and progess in this engrossing article.

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Career Conundrum and Remedy

Ankit from Assam capture in great detail every students career conumdrum and a remedy for the same

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Choosing Career Path Made Easy

Tasneem from Navi Mumbai shares an easy eay to choose your career path.

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A Way To Your Bright Future

Ashok from Hyderabad shares a confident way to your bright future.

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21st Century Job = Degree? + Skills✔

Insights For Students from a Global Business Leader focused on re-imagining Digital Solutions for Education Sector

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The Meaning of Grades

Stephen is an engineering professor at a top liberal arts college, and he has a deep commitment to teaching his students.

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Your Trustworthy Companion

Sukanya, a mass communications student suggests a trusted companion when stakes are high for students!

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Turning Point Of Our Life!

Anjana Sunilkumar, a law student articulates how career decisions are turning points in life. She is a freelance content writer and blogger. She is an active member in Wattpad, Mirakee and other online writing platforms.

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Love. Choice. Career!

Vishlesh advocates loving your career choice in an interesting article!

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If not we, then who ?

Manthan identifies challenges of college students like himself and possible solutions too!

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Be the shepherd, not the sheep!

As a mass communications student from Kolkata, Sakchi shows a way for students to self-discover and be the shepherd, not the sheep.

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Knock out your career fears!

Divya, a student pursuing mass media articulates how students can knock out their career fears.

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Fighting The War Within!

Meghna – a student herself, articulates the reasons of students fighting “the war within” about career choices.

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4 Challenges Of Students!

Ashutosh – a student himself articulates his view on 4 challenges faced by students and how the educators can help students cope with them.

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Hubbub Over Career

Srishti – a student herself, narrates the hubbub i.e. turmoil over academic and career decisions

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Being Someone Should Be A Matter Of Choice!

A first person narration by an Engineering student about why Choices Matter when it comes do taking academic and career decisions.

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All the world’s a stage

Gwen, an eighteen-year-old senior at an acclaimed performing-arts high school, is faced with the decision of where to go after high school: should she continue her studies, or plunge right into professional acting in New York City?

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Should India stay away from the fourth revolution ?

Critics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution raise many concerns against it mainly alleging job losses and rise in inequality. This article debunks these concerns by emphasizing how the same concerns would have been raised at the time of the First Industrial Revolution as well. We then see what happened subsequently benefitting from our knowledge of history. We then go on to examine why things unfolded that way tracing the reasons to the very roots of human behavior. These factors still remain the same, therefore there is every reason to expect that like the previous three, the Fourth Revolution too would be a productivity enhancing one and make lives better for all of us. Any job losses would at best be transitory. We then finally argue that whether she wants the Fourth or not, it will impact India and her economy carried by global trade and capital flows. Thus the only option in reality for her is to prepare herself and not shun it. India is already uniquely poised to reap the benefits. All she needs to do to minimize the temporary pain is to ease out its business regulations – make it less costly for entrepreneurs to hire labor because it is basic economic logic that if hiring labor is more expensive than hiring machines, an entrepreneur will hire a machine and vice versa. Another critical thing she must do is to develop her human resource development and incentivize innovations.

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Are you at Risk of being replaced by a machine?

Globally, organizations have already switched to mechanization and automation for jobs requiring repetitive behavior, physical strength or manual dexterity. Are you at Risk of being Replaced by a Machine? Read this to find out!

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Memory Bits, Admission Bites!

Yukti well articulates on two topics of special interest to students..

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Rainbow in your career path

A career is a solar system with the individual as the center! The orbit of the career progression is…

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Career journey

A positive attitude makes a big difference, in addition to the educational background…

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Days in the life of an orthopedic doctor

“It was very fascinating for me to see a patient comes in your department in a wheel chair but…

Dr. Swagatika Mishra

Orthopedic Doctor (Prosthetist & Orthotist)

Days in the life of a professional musician

Don’t aim for money, let your heart be in whatever you do. Today if you want to be a musician,…

David D’souza


Days in the life of a producer & business head

“While I was in college I was interning with NDTV & after that I interned with this place &…

Gayatri Sethi

Producer & Business Head

Days in the life of a professional cosmetologist

“This is a place which displays your art. In this profession you feel very happy & excited because…

Charul Upadhyay


Days in the life of professional accountant

“I did my CA internship but wasn’t able to complete the CA, still I didn’t loose hope and got…


Senior Accounts Manager

Days in the life of an academic professor

“My job function includes interacting with faculty; students with respect to their projects, exams, lectures; consultants and industry experts for…

Mr. Balaji

Academic Team Member